Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Gettin Quantum On Yo Ass

I was asked what a quantum bubble is and figured I might as well share my geek theory. I'm no scientist, just a Babylon 5 watchin' Star Trekkin, comic book readin', ' ass-shakin beatboxin', world-buildin' freak with shit coursin' the cranium-badatted by a few scientific articles :o
Feel free to lambaste me!

You know the phrase 'don't bust my bubble'? or 'he's in my space'?

Your quantum bubble is the perception field you've grown around you. It's always in flux although there are aspects of it that are pretty rigid or unchanging-unless some cosmic life experience completely changes your worldview. Being quantum is all about your effect on the world. If a scientist performs an experiment, the very fact that he or she is watching it AFFECTS THE EVENT. Ev'rythang's made up of the same elements, just in different concentrations.

So you will affect something by just being there. Being there during someone else's argument. What's being held back in your presence? What's being said because your business ain't yours. Who's using you as a projctile.

Walking the street askew. You pass a mailman and he drops all of his letters. You didn’t touch him, but your energy touches folk. Good luck ain't nuttin’ but being prepared at the right place at the right time. We are all the captains of our destinies on the ship of our souls in the sea of life.

Set sail and prevail!



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