Saturday, October 25, 2008

We represent the People!

That's right Joe The Plumber! Sure my lifestyle's different from yours; You don't fly around in a private jet for work, but you understand that. You also understand that a lady needs to look good to woo you, frame my disarming charm and charisma with Versace and Prada. You understand that my stylist gets paid more than the Republican party Foreign Policy Advisor, because style is much more important than how we treat them there foreigners! After all, didn't we handle the Taliban?

$150,000 is a respectable amount of money to keep me looking sharp when I stumble over my words from those horrible reporters and their tricky questions. They actually think they're being fair! But don't you worry my fellow Americans. I'm here to help you cling to your religion and guns, cuz by golly, look what it's gotten us so far!


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