Friday, October 10, 2008

The Wrong Wing


Whatever happened to that book? My Moms got me this book of world tales when I was a yung'n. A big blue hardcover with a colourful sleeve long since torn and tattered. Grease stains adorned the cover--hey! Maybe I can get another on eBay...

In it churned tales from around the world, some familiar, most not, each accompanied by beautifully painted illustrations. One such story was The Emperor's New Clothing, its hucksters always off-frame save for their gestculating hands. Of course when the emperor and his entourage toured the city in a nude parade all but one went along. This person seemed to be a beggar, in the illustration, black and apparently too simple to bullshit his majesty. He got a smack for his idiocy. I feel much like that beggar save for the bitch-slap.

Has anyone noticed?

No one is willing to admit they're wrong. Oop! I voted for a Fratboy President, sorry! How was I to know? 'God Bless America' seemed all he breathed and that was good enough for me.

The factless will go along with the tide even when exposed for the hook-line-and-sinkers they are. Oh I've been wrong. More tims than I can count and will be wrong at least one more time before I pass into the unknown and really find out what the fuck is on the other side.

Complacency and Pride are the biggest hurdles we face, not the Fat Cats. They'll be alley cats without the the steady diet we slop into their ever-growing mouths.


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