Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Michael Richards's Racist Quantum Singularity

A quantum singularity was created the other day. An event that affects the present, past and future. Michael Richards, best known for his hilarious character 'Kramer' in the sitcom 'Sienfeld', lost his cool and exposed the racist within at a comedy show.

Hecklers had been calling him out apparently.

We don't know what the 'hecklers' said, but suffice it to say that Richards snapped in the most unprofessional way, no matter what kind of 'apology' he made.

But What I find more disturbing than the quantum singularity are the comments made by people on the Youtube pages.

I'm blown away not so much by the racist morons who justify what he said-aftrall, when you take the stage as a comedian, dealing with hecklers is part of the game-but by the ignorance about racism and its history. You'll find people claiming 'double standard' since the black folk heckling Richards called him a 'cracker'. The history of 'nigger' and 'cracker' runs deep and one should understand that

a. One harbours much more pain and hatred than the other and
b. 'Cracker' came later and only as a response to 'nigger' and is hardly as damaging.

In fact, I can think of no derogatory word for a Caucasian that harbours as much hate as 'nigger'


Ninja, please

I encourage you to read the comments and judge for yourself. Michael Richards has done more than screw what career he had left by his racist rant and pathetic 'apology' (that brings Katrina in for brownie points) he has exposed the ignorance among the masses about the history of racism; where it's been what it's like now and where it is going.