Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Yes, Mr. Nazi Priminister


Prepare for woesome times as gays won't live in matrimony and pot will still be as bad as coke or the next big thing in Montreal-according to Cali- Crystal Meth.

Funny How Harper ( too close to Harpy 4 my tastes) is against gay marraige, yet for the next few years he'll be taking it thick from Bush (even more ironic)


I couldn't believe a word that dribbled from Primesinister Worn n' Worried, but at least he was semi-liberal thinking. Layton's wutev and so's the Bloc, but I'm glad that the Green Party got somewhere...kinda.

This new Conservative-led America Jr. will stab itself, licking wounds for awhile after the dust of pestilence settles. Should be an interesting few years-if we last that long.

Congratulations Canada. you got what you deserved.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Melanin Tax!!!

Yes folks!

just after coming out of a hip hop night at Saphir. We were beatboxing
and rapping and I was hammering out beats on a pot. Cops came. When
me and my friends protested they called in three more squad cars. Ther
were about 40 people or more outraged. I contested the ticket which
basically read 'beating on a pot in public'. Didn't get an answer in
almost 6 months, I forgot about the ticket and eventually moved.

Last nite my friend got pulled over for a 'routine check' (he was
white, and still is by the way.) you can go to http://chimpzilla.blogspot.com/
for a piece of his mind. Anyways, turns out there's been a WARRANT out
for me and they placed me UNDER ARREST. Punched it up and the ticket
(which was probably $120 or there abouts plus a Bullshit Fee of $50)
and whatever extras they decided to add in the past ccouple years
comes out to $379!!

That's rent.

Plus groceries.

And a good night with an albino midget with no teeth.


I'm throwing a MelaninTax Party where people will dress up as a cop or a
thug. There'll be tunes a DJ and donation jar. Hopefully this will provide
the opportunity to not only soften the blow but help WORLDS COLLIDE!!!!
in my network of friends.

I suggest the same if any kind of BULLSHIT such as this come syour way!!!

Cheerz and thanx 4 listening


Sunday, January 15, 2006

Can cats see ghosts?

Gawdamn my cat freax me out. Okay it's my roomate's cat but it might as well be mine cuz we hang plenty. He's jet black and his nake is Onyx. I just call 'im Nigguh.

Then again aI call all my close friends Nigguh.

Anyways there'll be times when his eyes dart around and he follows something, trying to paw it once in awhile.

It ain't a fly.

It's not lint either. Lint doesn't move that fast. And My eye sight's good enough to catch a fruitfly so like, wtf?

Sometimes Onyx looks at me then follows something across the room. I realize that he's looking at someting else. I don't feel any different, like there's something in the room. Onyx never freaks out or is scared so I don't think it's bad.

So here's my theory:

Cats' perception of reality differs from ours. We as humans percieve time/space (epoxpanse; ie the epochs of expanse) as a linear thing and are preoccupied with this plane and our problems. What the fuck do cats do all day? Their general abilities are pretty limited. Their speech is very simple, as is their vocaublary of body language. They're emotional and can be quite independent-layin up under five different houses and brands of catfood if they're the outdor type. Sure they're smart, but they can't build bombs. They sleep and eat and purr and fight and fuck and that's about it.

But their sight is uncanny. They really study shit. Dogs are all about their noses cats are about the eyes. I figure they pick up on afterimages 'ghosts' to us. People or events that are happenning in other planes of reality we can't percieve, not even with our technology. (Check my blog 'Gettin Quantum' fo' mo' o' dat sheeyit)

Are they catching past and future events? Cats' vision shifts between various epoxpanse phases: they'll see me standing there and see someone-or something walk through my face. If I make a move to touch Onyx he'll respond, soon as he's bored with me, he'll shift his focus on that other fucker walking through my room. Maybe Onyx is watching worms slither through the soil of some other reality.

Any other theories?

Thursday, January 12, 2006


What is tit blocking you may ask. Well, cock blocking is when a guy gets in the way of you getting some play. I find cock-bocking most offensive when it's a 'trusted' friend who gets beetween you and a swwet catch and ends up wth her, your efforts wasted, your blood boiling. Tit blocking is happening to a buddy of mine.


If you like a guy and it's clear to you that he's not interested (put aside your raging hormones and think clearly for a second-and yes, I understand this is difficult for most people) READ THE SIGNS, drops tests on him, but do not, I repeat DO NOT tit block!

Ex: Inviting your interest to a party full of gorgeous women and practically telling everyone in the room he's yours (shouldn't that be his choice?) or physically getting between your interest and his. Breaking up convos, changing the vibe to suit you etc. It's selfish and only makes dude like you even less!

This goes for guys too. Don't cock block a lady-friend, she'll think you're a wimpy piece of shit.

I hope I've made myself clear.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Diniyalarmour: Informed Gambling

So I know someone that's gone into the stock market after educating himself about it. He's doing well for his first month, he made money, lost a bit, but that's all part of the game. I don't know much about stocks, but I fgure if you educate yourself on any game and be humble, you'll know how to play it. This person met a friend of mine at a party and somehow discoverd that they're approaching the market the same way: Pennystocks (if you don't hava helluva lotta money this apparently is a good way to start) He just happens to be a little more seasoned. My seasoned friend says playing the stock market is a form of gambling. My other friend threw up his diniyalarmour: "No it's not" . He answerd a little too qiuuickly for my tatstes.
"Dude, it sooo is" I added
He sheild was still up,: head shaking with "Nopes and another 'No it's not' "
"...It's informed gambling" I surmised.
"Exactly!" seasoned chicken said.
"Hmmm...Informed gambling,,,informed gambling."
After a week and me bringing it up again, my friend doesn't agree.
Now. Is this just diniyalarmour? That thick invisible callous that protects our frail ego? Does he not want to think he's merely gambling? I think it's fine because it IS informed. Am I wrong? Or does my friend feel insecure about the lowly term?


Thursday, January 05, 2006

Distributing their disease from sea to sea

with their seeds that keep Big Momma displeased
Telling the ladies what to do with their bodies
And demand more man wars to fuel their parties

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Gettin Quantum On Yo Ass

I was asked what a quantum bubble is and figured I might as well share my geek theory. I'm no scientist, just a Babylon 5 watchin' Star Trekkin, comic book readin', ' ass-shakin beatboxin', world-buildin' freak with shit coursin' the cranium-badatted by a few scientific articles :o
Feel free to lambaste me!

You know the phrase 'don't bust my bubble'? or 'he's in my space'?

Your quantum bubble is the perception field you've grown around you. It's always in flux although there are aspects of it that are pretty rigid or unchanging-unless some cosmic life experience completely changes your worldview. Being quantum is all about your effect on the world. If a scientist performs an experiment, the very fact that he or she is watching it AFFECTS THE EVENT. Ev'rythang's made up of the same elements, just in different concentrations.

So you will affect something by just being there. Being there during someone else's argument. What's being held back in your presence? What's being said because your business ain't yours. Who's using you as a projctile.

Walking the street askew. You pass a mailman and he drops all of his letters. You didn’t touch him, but your energy touches folk. Good luck ain't nuttin’ but being prepared at the right place at the right time. We are all the captains of our destinies on the ship of our souls in the sea of life.

Set sail and prevail!



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