Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In A Handbasket

Blood red ribbons, puss oozing out the weavework, toxic corpses poking through radioactve holes. The fruit of stolen labour and chesire blowjobs gives off a funk to turn The Godfather the other cheek.

Taking a piss on your face I notice an orifice that shouldn't be there. Kinda lika belly button, but playing mainstage on your forehead. Musta melted the eye away with nownownow.

Oop too late. Now the dupe's in you and me. But I like the taste of those chips and this shiney shiney thing, I don't know the blown-off kid. nownownow I can't even sea across the pond, not even from my house.

A heartbeat less should bring the Empire into burn 'til the next

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